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Additional Services

Security Assents
At LTI Global, we provide comprehensive security assessments to help you identify vulnerabilities and gaps in your security posture, and develop a roadmap for improving your overall cybersecurity strategy. Our assessments cover compliance network, application, endpoint, cloud, and physical security. We provide over 22 different comprehensive security assessments. Additionally, we offer other cybersecurity services, including penetration testing, managed security services, and incident response. Partner with us to develop a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy aligned with your business objectives.
At LTI Global, we offer incident response planning and management services to help you develop a proactive approach to cybersecurity incidents. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to create a customized incident response plan and provide rapid response and support in case of an incident. We conduct regular testing and improvement of your plan to ensure its effectiveness, including tabletop exercises and scenario simulations. Partner with us to ensure your organization is prepared to respond to any cybersecurity incident. Contact us to learn more.
At LTI Global, our vCXO services provide you with a dedicated team of experienced technology executives to help you develop and execute your technology strategy. Our flexible engagement model allows you to scale up or down your services based on your changing business needs. Partner with us to access seasoned technology executives who can help you achieve your business objectives. Contact us to learn more.